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We focus on Building, Reinventing & Improving your Supply Chain.


It is easy to advise, but it requires Skill and Capability to Deliver Results.

E-Commerce (B2C) Strategy, Fulfillment & Last Mile

We help clients align their E-Commerce ambitions with capabilities needed to deliver to their customers. Our ability is creating customized solutions based on where our client is in the business maturity curve, and continuously innovating to moonshot growth and achieve cost goals.

Our principal consultant recently built and launched a made-to-order logistics & operations solution for Amazon, which included pickup from factories overseas, customs clearance at origin and destination, order fulfillment location selection, airfreight route optimization, and last mile delivery to customers in 100+ countries. Global Airfreight routes and flights were analyzed to select the best route for speed. Special customs processes were developed in collaboration with the suppliers, logistics providers and customs clearing teams in-country to expedite clearance timelines for export and import. This solution had to factor in multiple origin countries and order fulfillment locations at launch and new additions post launch, in order to offer more selections to customers and improve order to deliver transit time. This project required identification and selection of new logistics providers, pricing/terms negotiations, and be ready to test within 4-6 months of project start date. The project launched on-time globally with unprecedented transit times, logistics costs, and limited tech work to integrate the new providers. Technology and capability road maps for Phase two (2) and three (3) was developed to offer greater speed at lower costs.

B2B Logistics

(Domestic & Cross-border)

We help our clients improve gross margin and customer service levels by improving their current capabilities; building new solutions to help clients expand their supplier base/distribution capability; and provide training and coaching to their logistics team to effectively manage/expand/function without our support in the long-term.

Our principal consultant has tackled many challenges in her tenure in this field and built/maintained a variety of solutions to achieve expansion, cost, and customer service levels globally. She has managed procurement (TL, LTL, Air, Ocean, Parcel, Intermodal), tech integration, operations, customs clearance, free trade zones/bonded warehouse, tax & legal compliance, 3PL management, and factory relationships at a global scale.

Operations &

Lean Six Sigma

We help our clients turn chaos into opportunities and run an effective global operation that can expand to any geography.

Our lean six sigma  approach enables our clients to identify the root of bad communication, delays, errors, inefficiencies, non-essential costs, and customer dissatisfaction, etc. --- fix the root cause. We are process review and reengineering experts.

Our principal consultant is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has conquered many operational challenges during her tenure. Working for a 3PL (200+ clients), Amazon (building and managing global supply chains), and Convoy (building and scaling in a startup environment) has given our principal consultant hands on experience managing operations for small and large companies; building operations for brand new businesses and scaling operations globally.

Digital Transformation & Tech Projects

We help our clients realize their potential by digitizing and reinventing their supply chain, logistics, and operations. It can be improving supply chain visibility (EDI, Driver Apps, integrating with 3rd party visibility providers) or shopping for a new TMS or software to manage your supply chain, we can help.


Technology is a necessary tool - and we help our clients see its value when added to the right process. Our expertise is not only making recommendations, but also implementing tech projects and building the innovation muscle within the client's supply chain, logistics and operations organizations. 

Our principal consultant has spent a tremendous part of her career helping organizations utilize technology to improve productivity, costs, customer service, operational errors, ineffective communication, etc. 

Investment in Logistics Companies

We provide consultation for investment companies interested in learning the intricate details behind supply chain and logistics to help them understand more about the industry, the current challenges, and the innovation that will lead to higher market share and growth.

We can help with many other logistics related topics not listed here, so contact us to schedule a quick call.

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