"As CEO of i-parcel, the responsibility of the relationship with Amazon ultimately fell to me. Sharmila became my principal contact at Amazon in 2014 and we worked together through 2016. I don't believe that I have ever had a client relationship at any company where my contact was as thoughtful, energetic, relentless and driven than Sharmila was at Amazon. She was professional yet insatiably demanding and incredibly smart/creative/curious. If I thought for a minute that we could have recruited her away (perhaps we should have tried), I'd be all in. I have to think that in a world of "consulting", full of glossy powerpoint and today's most exciting terms and perhaps not much else, she will provide incredible value to her clients." - Will Gensburg, CEO & President i-parcel (i-parcel was acquired by UPS in October 2014).

"Sharmila's super power is energy, ownership, and leadership in transportation/operations. She's able to bring a wide range of stakeholders to the table, brainstorm and quickly flush out think big ideas and move an initiative forward fearlessly."

"Strong knowledge of operations and business systems, high energy, action & results oriented, infectious 'can-do' attitude, gets the right things done, strong partner/collaborator, passionate owner. Sharmila is an incredible asset to Amazon and the team. She is a driver, that keeps her foot on the gas, willing to do whatever it takes to get results, Demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and drive."


"Sharmila has done a fabulous job navigating the complexities of putting together a new supply chain model to meet the needs of her business/customer. She has demonstrated resilience in both managing the ambiguity of the regulatory landscape while dealing with the friction of meeting an aggressive SLA (speed) and the business demand of frugality."


"Sharmila's super power is the ability to learn and absorb information at rocket speed! She seeks out information and is persistent in a very tactful, yet effective way. She is also very aware of what's going on around her and the people involved, and ensures she accounts for everyone's needs when making a decision."

"She is highly intelligent, articulate, equally experienced in tech and freight, and exceptional communicator. She joined a challenging project mid-way and her involvement was a game changer. Sharmila did an exceptional job asking the right questions, distilling critical information, and developing an action plan that suited all parties."

"The capacity of connecting the dots and moving along project is amazing in Sharmila's case. She's like an octopus, managing several things at the same time without losing productivity or focus. Her ability to not get stuck and continue on pushing is mind blowing and a true super power."

"Sharmila has a bold and fearless attitude, diving into the massive and overwhelming task of her logistics area for this new brand head on. She can analyze the challenging aspects of her role and explain the detailed solutions in a very comprehensive manner. She is tenacious and provides solutions consistently with a great sense of ownership."